About Us

SM Logistics provides exporters and importers from all around the world a complete door-to-door professional shipping service.

Import/Export and Logistics is a complex field, laden with strict country-specific requirements, arduous documentation procedures and an abundance of unreliable shippers. If these pitfalls sound familiar to you, SM Logistics are here to help.

For over 14 years SM Logistics has been tackling these problems head on – providing customized logistics solutions to clients around the world. SM Logistics has built upon its successful and strong experience as an in-house shipping department for our parent company, SiamMandalay and now provides logistic services for over 198 companies in over 50 countries.

We have handled the most demanding shipments and the most constraining schedules. With our thorough knowledge of cargo logistics we can bridge the gap between carrier and shipper, quickly spotting all of the potential hazards that keep cargo from getting to its destination on time. The driver of our business is our desire to find out-of-the box, integrated solutions for door-to-door delivery – for you.

This desire leads us to provide you the best customer experience by following up on each of your requests promptly and professionally. For both FCL (Full Container Loads) and LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments by ship, truck, as well as air cargo, SM Logistics offers a core range of services designed to provide you with a stress-free, reliable shipping experience. We offer complete accountability combined with an international standard of customer service.

We appreciate how difficult it is to find reliable service providers in a new environment, and the complexities of developing and building relationships in a new culture. Allow SM Logistics to leverage our knowledge of the local Thai market to create the most valuable collaborations, coordinating all processes smoothly for you. We have a strong background in the Thai handicraft sector – which allows us to anticipate all regulatory and licensing issue that can occur.

SM Logistics has been putting our clients first for 14 years. Since the creation of the company in 2002, SM Logistics has been providing high-quality shipping services thanks to its accumulated know-how as an in-house logistics department.

Our client portfolio is globally distributed. We currently work with Asian customers (10%), European clients (30%) and USA/Canada clients (60%).

Our Chiang Mai headquarters enable easy access to the growing South East Asian markets, as well as Bangkok and Laem Chabang – among the largest ports in the region.

SM Logistics’ mission is to provide a customized flexible and reliable service, so that all your shipments are delivered safely and on time. With our creative thinking; ability to address queries promptly and an unwavering willingness to put you first, we have developed a strong reputation in the logistics market.

Providing every piece of the logistical puzzle from agent management, warehousing, consolidation of goods and final delivery; SM Logistics is able to capitalize on its core competencies to provide you with prompt, professional logistic solutions, time after time. Managing suppliers is never easy, especially ones that speak a different language from the opposite side of the planet. To tackle this problem SM Logistics offers you their in-depth understanding of Thai suppliers and handles the cultural gaps to best support you, whether you are a business or an individual.

We have dedicated ourselves to each individual client in order to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction by understanding and executing on every requirement.

Reliability: Our deep know-how and timeliness in answering all queries is our main focus. Allowing you to enjoy a stress-free experience; having everything delivered on schedule, as expected.

Flexibility: We tailor our service to your needs. Our role can vary according what you require. We can encompass simple tasks such as freight booking or a more comprehensive package covering every procedure from agent management right through to door-to-door delivery.

Care: We are committed to making your life easier. SM Logistics treat every client with the same respect; from major corporation to mom and pop shop. We embrace every task with the upmost professionalism – every time.

The SM Logistics’ team has been shipping the most fragile and delicate products for over 14 years, becoming experts in the arts of appropriate packaging; careful packing and proper transportation. Dealing with every manner of product line, material and delicacy we have negotiated all of this with the utmost care.

Delicate products are not only physical but also cultural – we have all appropriate licensing requirements for the sensitive transportation of teak wood, Buddha’s and other deities. In recent years the regulation around these sensitive pieces has become increasingly strict and without the correct documentation your cargo runs the high risk of being intercepted and seized.

As a Thai company with experiences of Western customs we understand the challenges of dealing with different cultures. SM Logistics can negotiate the local market and enable you to bridge the cultural gap with Thai suppliers and foreign importers.

We Specialize In:

  • Licensed artefacts including Buddha statues and other deities
  • Teak wood
  • Decorative items
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Furniture and Home Decor Gift items
  • Jewelry
  • Ceramics and Glass
  • Wooden products
  • Leather and other fabrics
  • Sculptures and Household belongings