Quality Control & Customer Support

SM Logistics executes the highest level of inspection, quality control, treatment processes & customer support.

Quality Control:

Optimization of your production orders and products’ quality is our main concern. Our professional team is able to detect faulty items from your suppliers and bridge the cultural gaps by training them on new processes or production requirements. Unsellable products are huge profit-drainers, with SM Logistics we hand check all your products; implementing western standard quality control procedures with regular checks across all our processes. SM Logistics also considers the necessary treatment procedures for the materials in your products and can advise or execute necessary fumigation and licensing requirements. We will provide the local government’s sanitary certifications to prevent your product from any customs hurdles on arrival. SM Logistics is the ideal partner to help you fulfill your commitments to your own customers and yourself.

Customer Support:

If you leave your shipment in our hands, we will do everything in our power to ensure delivery at the required time and location and on budget. We take care of your products as if they were our own; transporting them seamlessly across international borders ensuring their security in all environments. We know what the stakes are for you and we constantly strive to offer the best customer experience. Ensuring great customer support, we commit to answer your queries by e-mail or phone within 24 hours and to provide pro-active follow-up service in case of any issues. We are able to anticipate your needs and provide cost-effective tailored solutions that add value to your business.

Western standard quality control procedures with 24/7 support.